Case Study: Women in Rural, Regional and Remote Enterprises (WiRE) Program

Product: Business Accelerator Report with Advisor

As part of our desire to support communities and give back, MyMalekso* partnered with the WiRE program to deliver a series of 1:1 business improvement consultations to owners of 21 x businesses spread across rural, regional and remote QLD, NSW, and the NT. This was a completely pro-bono partnership. Delivery of this solution was spread across 3 advisors.

The MyMalekso platform was used to underpin and manage the engagements, with the following process:

  1. Each business was required to complete the MyMalekso Business Accelerator diagnostic questionnaire.
  2. As each diagnostic questionnaire was submitted, the advisor was automatically notified to log into the MyMalekso platform and assess the questionnaire responses.
  3. Following this assessment, the advisor conducted a 1:1 video conference meeting for up to 2 hours to discuss the diagnostic responses and to garner additional relevant information from the business.
  4. Following this meeting the advisor logged into the MyMalekso platform to finalise the write-up of the business accelerator advisory report, adding specific custom advice. Once complete, the MyMalekso platform analysed the diagnostics, automatically generating the comprehensive business accelerator report, complete with business ranking scores, automated advice, and all additional inputs from the advisor.
  5. The final part of the process was for the advisor and business owner to meet again 1:1 via the MyMalekso video conferencing facility to discuss the findings of the advisor, and to help the business owner build out and prioritise their implementation tasks within the MyMalekso workspace.
  6. The business owner was subsequently provided with 12-months of access to the MyMalekso platform, which they use to self-manage their business improvement in-house.

The MyMalekso platform delivered substantial outcomes:

  • Eliminated the need to pay travel and accommodation related costs, including travel time, as everything was able to be completed virtually. This further saved the program many tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Allowed all engagements to be run consistently and efficiently, ensuring the best use of everyone’s time.
  • Made the process simple for business owners who did not have to take days off work to be locked in full day workshops.
  • Sped up the process for everyone involved. No longer does an advisor need to spend days and days in workshops collecting data.

By turning to MyMalekso, the WiRE program was able to provide these 21 businesses growth and recovery assistance that provided depth and value not possible without the use of a business advisory platform like MyMalekso.

The feedback received from participating business owners was resoundingly positive, with everyone indicating they got tremendous value out of the engagement.

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