Business Improvement Programs

Developed by experienced Business Advisors, the MyMalekso business improvement programs are easy to follow, easy to understand, very affordable, and applicable to most businesses.

Action leads to outcomes.

Whether you hold yourself accountable by managing your business improvement in-house, or, you decide to work with an experienced Advisor, MyMalekso has you covered. Take control, use our industry leading business advisory platform to enable your business improvement activities.

Business Accelerator Program
Take control of your business

Do you want to make more money from your business? Do you want to build a business that can be future proofed? Are you facing challenges and not sure what to do about them? The MyMalekso Business Accelerator Program is an immersive, cancel anytime program that will help you identify areas for improvement, and then guide you in implementing actions to address challenges and opportunities.

Sale Price Maximiser Program
Get your business sale ready

Are you thinking of existing your business? Before you list your business for sale, make sure it is actually ready to be sold! A sale ready business will be sold quicker, for a better price. Win-win overall. The MyMalekso Sale Price Maximiser program helps business owners unlock hidden value from their business, while also helping you get the ‘house in order’ in preparation for listing the business for sale.

Coming Soon – Coaching and Leadership Program

How it works – WITH an Advisor

The ideal way to complete one of the MyMalekso business improvement programs is to do this with the guidance of a professional Advisor.

Your Advisor is an experienced professional who will be able to guide you through your business questions and challenges. The Advisor works with you in the implementation of your chosen business improvement program, keeping you on track and accountable.

Each month you will have the opportunity to meet via videoconferencing with your Advisor. In these meetings expect to discuss things like your progress with tasks, current challenges, and anything else that is relevant to you and your business at that point in time.

How it works – Do-It-Yourself

If you wish, you can complete any of the MyMalekso business improvement programs on your own, without an appointed Advisor by your side each month.

The platform is intuitive enough to be used independently. Your initial detailed advice report will be the starting point of your self-managed business improvement journey, and your Smart Workspace will be the tool that facilitates the management of your own program.

At any stage should you have any questions or require asistance, you can always ‘phone a friend’, by turning to one of our Advisors for a short guidance session. Simply select your Advisor of choice and book in a time with them. Bookings can be as short as 30minutes, ample for quick ‘pow-wow’ sessions.

Detailed Smart Questionnaire

Deep dive smart questionnaire with 3 layers of logic built into it. It is the responses you enter into the questionnaire that generate your business category scores and the automated feedback advice found in your report.

Custom Advice Report

Your custom report will contain a wealth of useful, relevant advice, which you can then implement as part of the program, such as:

  • Recommended areas for improvement
  • How to address challenges and issues
  • How to generate value within the business

Business Category Scores

Once you complete your questionnaire, the MyMalekso system uses it’s inbuilt smart logic to calculate your overall business score, along with the individual scores for the key areas of focus that make up your overall business score. These scores will act as the monthly temperature gauges on your business improvement activities, helping you identify where to focus your improvement efforts.

Ongoing Monthly Check-In

Each month you will be required to complete a short ‘status update’ check-in form. The data from this will update your Business Category Scores and will be used by you and your Advisor (if you are using one) to monitor your business improvement progress.

Monthly 1:1 Advisory Sessions

If you are completing the program with an Advisor, then each month you will have at least one 1:1 private videoconference-based session with your Advisor. Your Advisor will help guide you through your chosen business program, keeping you accountable and on-track, while providing invaluable advice along the way.

Your Smart Workspace

The smart workspace drives all Advisory programs. Features of the Smart Workspace include:

Live update of business scores
Update of your business category scores as you move through a program.

In-built video conferencing facility
Meet with your Advisors through your Smart Workspace.

Task manager
Helping you set and manage your business improvement tasks, keeping you accountable.

Data hub
Store important documents in our secure data hub. All loaded documents will be instantly accessible by your Advisor.

Public and private notes
Helping you keep a record of discussions with your Advisor and any relevant information.

Areas of focus graphs
Easy to see progress graphs help you understand how you are performing and what areas require extra focus.

Automated email reminders
Email reminders of upcoming Advisor sessions and monthly temperature checks.

Grant Programs

MyMalekso can design, manage, and deliver grants programs on a one-stop-shop basis that encompasses all the features and benefits of our powerful platform.

Empowering the digitalisation of the business Advisory space.


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