Advisors. We’ve built an amazing tool for you.

Whether you are a business advisor, coach or mentor, management consultant, accountant, industry specialist or in fact any type of advisor working with SMEs, we’ve built an amazing tool for you.

Get more leads, access affordable diagnostic tools, expand your scope of work, your territory and your client list, while improving your margins and streamlining your client engagements – all with just the click of a button.

Embrace Technology

Leverage Technology

Governance & Visibility

Reporting & Data

Ready Made Diagnostics

Advisory services is a huge sector that is growing every year.

This is particularly so in the regions. In fact, what we are seeing at MyMalekso is an incredible evolution. Regional and rural areas are the new frontiers of innovation and commerce. This poses many challenges for Advisors like you, such as ‘how do I make my work in regional and rural parts of Australia profitable’? If you can’t manage the challenges associated with being an Advisor in this space then simply put you are missing out on a massive opportunity to not only deliver profitable work but, more importantly, deliver work that is meaningful and can have a lasting impression on local communities and businesses.

This platform was conceived, designed and thoroughly tested by Advisors just like you, so we understand the many issues you face as an Advisor

  • Do you have problems finding new clients or generating leads?
  • Do you wish to grow your business but don’t know where to start? Most of us struggle to market our services.
  • Do you find that the clients who need us most are the ones who can afford us the least?
  • Do you have great engagement tools that provide consistency and results for your clients?
  • If you deal with regional & remote clients, do you struggle to make it profitable after travel & expenses?
  • How would you feel about accessing regional & remote clients without having to travel?
  • Do you spend too much time working in the business (EG ‘on the tools’) rather than working on the business?
  • Have you embraced the digital age and is your technology and software keeping pace with developments?
  • Are you having cashflow issues – trouble getting paid?

Empower yourself as an Advisor.


MyMalekso is the leading Business Advisory Platform. It comprises a complete business eco-system that addresses all these issues and more. It levels the playing field between metro, urban, regional, rural and remote businesses. MyMalekso allows you to take advantage of markets and clients that were previously unavailable to you while improving client engagements, reducing downtime and increasing your chargeable hours and margins.


Using the MyMalekso Platform is simple. You’ll work from a private, secure digital workspace complete with a personal dashboard for you and your clients, along with a dedicated video chat room for your client meetings. There are inbuilt diagnostic tools that ensure consistency of reporting and results, and there is an ever-expanding complimentary library of information sheets and planning templates.


Future proof for the digital age and manage all of your clients on the platform. Registering as an Advisor and the provision of your dedicated workspace dashboard is free. MyMalekso runs a pay-per-use model. You only pay for the diagnostic tools, monthly client program tokens and seat licences that you use.


You can choose to use our existing diagnostics, tools and programs, or, bring your existing ones into the platform. Talk to us about your custom needs and let us show you how we can help you leverage our AI driven technology to digitalise your work as an Advisor.

Grant Programs

MyMalekso can design, manage, and deliver grants programs on a one-stop-shop basis that encompasses all the features and benefits of our powerful platform.

Empowering the digitalisation of the business Advisory space.


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You can choose one of our existing solutions for your next program or grant, or, MyMalekso can tailor programs to your specific needs.

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