Case Study: Balonne Shire Council

Product: Business Mentoring Program with Advisor – up to 3-month duration

MyMalekso was used by Peter Spinda to manage mentoring engagements as part of the Balonne Shire Councils business mentoring initiative.

Outline of the initiative:

  • Advisors tendered to be part of a panel delivering business advisory and mentoring services to Balonne Shire located SMEs.
  • Hourly rates were negotiated with each advisor independently.
  • Successful advisors were allocated:
    • business owners to work with
    • approved number of maximum hours for delivery
  • The initiative ran for a fixed duration.
  • At the end of the initiative advisors had to submit a report outlining various aspects of the work undertaken.

Outline of service delivery:

  • Participating business owners commenced their engagement by completing the MyMalekso diagnostic questionnaire.
  • As each diagnostic questionnaire was submitted, the advisor was automatically notified to log into the MyMalekso platform and assess the questionnaire responses.
  • Following this assessment, the advisor conducted a 1:1 video conference meeting for up to 2 hours to discuss the diagnostic responses and to garner additional relevant information from the business.
  • Following this meeting the advisor logged into the MyMalekso platform to finalise the write-up of the business accelerator advisory report, adding specific custom advice. Once complete, the MyMalekso platform analysed the diagnostics, automatically generating the comprehensive business accelerator report, complete with business ranking scores, automated advice, and all additional inputs from the advisor.
  • The next part of the process, implementation, then commenced. The advisor and business owner met 1:1 regularly via the MyMalekso video conferencing facility, sometimes more than once per week, as required by the engagement.
  • All mentoring sessions were underpinned by the MyMalekso platform:
    • Meetings were set from within the platform
    • Accountability and governance were assured by the inbuilt task management function
    • Notes and minutes were captured into the platform
    • Any shared documents, such as P&L’s, business plan template etc. were shared and stored using the MyMalekso platform’s secure datahub
  • As part of the process, business owners were required to complete monthly check-in diagnostic questionnaires every 4-weeks. The submission of these short questionnaires updated all business category scores.

At the end of the initiative, the advisor was quickly and easily able to generate a detailed report to Council on the engagement, providing evidence of what was delivered, and the outcomes achieved. The advisor using MyMalekso was the only advisor able to provide real proof of deliverables and outcomes achieved by those businesses.

Importantly, participants provided excellent feedback to the advisor and to Council on the efficacy and value of taking part in an initiative that used the MyMalekso platform.

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