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Combining over 50 years of business expertise with the latest in digital technology, our business health check reports are the starting point for anyone seeking business improvement and advice.

Smart, Simple, Effective, Affordable

Low cost, high impact solutions

Only requires a small amount of your time

Receive detailed feedback and guidance

Business owners: build a better business.

Investing a small amount of time to work on your business has the potential to generate significant benefits and returns. The MyMalekso Business Health Check Reports give you deep insight into where you are currently at, and what you could do to move forward. The reports are available in two formats: Do-It-Yourself (DIY), which leverages our automation technology to instantly generate your custom advisory report. Or, for much more depth and custom advice you can opt for the with Advisor report, which will give you access to an experienced business Advisor who will review your data and provide you with tailored advice. The with Advisor solution also gives you 1:1 time with your selected Advisor.

Do you need immediate business advice?

If you need help or advice but are not quite ready to commit to one of the MyMalekso business programs, then our affordable, detailed reports are a great place to start!

Do any of the questions below apply to you? If yes, then you need one of our reports!

Business stuck in a rut?
Sometimes running a business feels like paddling against the current. Our efforts seem to make no difference to our progress.

Looking for efficiencies?
You want to run a more effective, efficient business, but you are not sure what to address or in what order?

Need business improvement inspiration?
You know you need to change things. To do things differently. But you are not sure what these could be.

Want to make more money?
It’s the age-old quest: to build a very profitable business. Our report will give you advice that may just point you in the right direction.

Looking to sell your business?
Sell your business for the maximum value, with the least amount of headaches. Our report highlights areas you should address in order to make your business more attractive when the time comes to sell.

Can’t afford expensive consultants?
You need advice, want some guidance, but consultants are out of your reach in terms of price.

Upgrade anytime to one of our programs!
Love your report? But want a hand implementing it? You can upgarde to one of our programs at any time.

How does it work & What do I get?

For one low fee, you will receive a custom report with loads of advice and ideas that you can implement within your business.

Simply complete our detailed, logic-driven smart questionnaire, and your report will be automatically built for you. For added insight and detailed, custom advice, why not upgrade to the report with Advisor review? Note – if you upgrade to the report with Advisor review, then your report will be released by your Advisor upon the completion of their review.

We use 3 tiers of logic in developing reports; all content found in the reports have been written by highly experienced management, strategy, and business consultants, and tested in the real world over the span of more than 20 years.


For the existing business doing it tough and on a shoe-string budget or the start-up that has yet to grow out of the garage, it can be hard to get access to advice and pay for that advice. This is where MyMalekso comes in. Using our technology, any business of any size anywhere in the world can access immediate business advice. Our proprietary diagnostic tool generates an in-depth report on your business, full of tips and advice that are ready to be implemented, and our monthly engagement program helps you stay accountable, guiding you through your business journey. All of this at low prices every business CAN afford.

An even more tailored report.


Why not boost the power of your report with a custom review by one of our Advisors? For one low fee an experienced business Advisor will review your questionnaire responses, giving you tailored feedback and advice and thus expanding your report with even more depth and breadth.

Grant Programs

MyMalekso can design, manage, and deliver grants programs on a one-stop-shop basis that encompasses all the features and benefits of our powerful platform.

Empowering the digitalisation of the business Advisory space.


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