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There is a chasm between the best ideas and products in the world, and the ability to exploit these opportunities and turn them into a successful business.

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Developed by experienced Business Advisors, MyMalekso business improvement reports and programs are easy to follow, easy to understand, very affordable and suitable for most businesses. Until now, small to medium businesses have struggled to afford quality, traditional business advisory services. It’s even harder for regional & remote businesses to find the time and money, and then, to attract proven professionals who can provide them with quality advice. All that has changed with MyMalekso!

Did you know that at every stage of the business lifecycle there are challenges you need to navigate? Here is a sample of just some of the common issues facing business.

  • Do you wish to grow your business but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you struggling to find quality mentors and business coaches?
  • Do you have a strategic plan – what is your ultimate goal for the business and what steps must you take to get there?
  • Do you have a business plan – essential for allocating resources such as staff and finance and as a guide for investment?
  • Do you spend too much time working in the business (EG ‘on the tools’) rather than working on the business?
  • Have you embraced the digital age and is your technology and software keeping pace with developments?
  • Do you understand your market and where you are positioned in it?
  • Do you truly understand your product or service relative to consumer needs? (EG when people by drill bits they actually need holes)
  • Can you identify areas for expansion and growth?
  • Do you know or understand your return on investment (ROI)?
  • Are you having partnership problems?
  • Are you struggling to attract quality staff?
  • Are you having cashflow issues?
  • Do you want to prepare your business for sale?

Almost every business faces these problems and more at some stage. Successful businesses know how to navigate through these challenges, turning them into their successes.


Resources are limited. We know that small to medium businesses struggle with finding the funds to pay for quality Advisors and then to allocate the considerable time required for workshops and training (for both owners and staff). We also know that given the travel, downtime and accommodation expenses, Advisors avoid smaller businesses and particularly, those in regional and remote locations.


Using the MyMalekso Platform couldn’t be easier. You’ll find yourself in a private secure digital workspace complete with a personal dashboard and, if you choose to work with an Advisor, a dedicated video chat room. You can choose to work alone, using one of the inbuilt diagnostic tools, or you can opt to choose and engage an Advisor to help you with your business needs.

Business advice – YOUR way!


Whether you want to work with an experienced business Advisor or run things on your own by leveraging the intelligence and the tools built into MyMalekso, we’ve got you covered.


MyMalekso is the business advice and improvement solution for ALL budgets and ALL small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across Australia.

Work with a business advisor

The benefits of engaging an experienced business Advisor and having them by your side, guiding you through the journey of business pays benefits in many ways. From helping avoid costly mistakes to guiding you through areas of business you are not familiar with, the right Advisor will bring to your business knowledge, skills and experience. Using MyMalekso you can confidently find an Advisor, engage an Advisor and work with that Advisor, knowing that the diagnostics and tools built into MyMalekso will guide the process and hold both you and them accountable to the process and the outcomes.


For the existing business doing it tough and on a shoe-string budget or the start-up that has yet to grow out of the garage, it can be hard to get access to advice and pay for that advice. This is where MyMalekso comes in. Using our technology, any business of any size anywhere in the world can access immediate business advice. Our proprietary diagnostic tool generates an in-depth report on your business, full of tips and advice that are ready to be implemented, and our monthly engagement program helps you stay accountable, guiding you through your business journey. All of this at low prices every business CAN afford.

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