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We’ve built an amazing tool that will revolutionise your Advisory business.

Now you can better enable your Advisors, improve client engagements & outcomes, improve visibility, accountability & governance while enjoy real-time performance reporting and data farming. Ideal for any firm or agency providing or wishing to provide business advisory, coaching and mentoring services.

Embrace Technology

Team Management

Governance & Visibility

Reporting & Data

Ready Made Diagnostics

The MyMalekso platform allows your Advisors to deliver one-on-one, first-class advisory services that will match or exceed the traditional face-to-face model that has proven so vulnerable to unforeseen global disruption.

If your business employs Advisors of any kind, we’d like to introduce you to a complete eco-system for managing Advisors, Consultants and Contractors, while providing them with a digital workspace complete with embedded diagnostic tools and templates. Find out how you can expand your reach, territory and client list while improving your margins and streamlining your client engagements with just the click of a button.

This platform was conceived, designed and thoroughly tested by Advisors just like you, so we understand the many issues facing Advisory firms.

    • Do you want more visibility and a better way to manage your Advisors?
    • How do you rate the effectiveness of your individual Advisors, Consultants and Contractors?
    • How do you maintain client continuity if an Advisor moves on?
    • Do you have great engagement tools that provide consistency and results for your clients?
    • If you deal with regional & remote clients, do you struggle to make it profitable after travel & expenses?
    • Are you interested in accessing regional & remote clients without having to wear the downtime and travel?
    • Is your firm ready and wanting to expand into business advisory services but you lack the necessary tools or skills?
    • Have you embraced the digital age and is your technology and software keeping pace with developments?

Future Proof Your Advisory Business.


Your Management gain access to a digital dashboard for complete firm visibility, while your Advisors will access a smart workspace for client engagements that include diagnostic tools, in-built video conferencing facilities, task management, live update business scoring, document hub, template library and much more, all protected by 3 stage security.


Businesses that embrace digital models are better equipped for risk management and business continuity than those that aren’t. Such businesses, if they remain at the forefront, are well positioned for growth and to take advantage of opportunities arising from future disruption.


The MyMalekso platform levels the playing field between urban and regional areas and allows you to deliver the same high standard of service regardless of a client’s location. At the same time, you will enjoy greater visibility over your team without impacting their independence, and we’re currently building out governance and accountability functions that will truly streamline and future proof your business.


You can choose to use our existing diagnostics, tools and programs, or, bring your existing ones into the platform. Talk to us about your custom needs and let us show you how we can help you leverage our AI driven technology to digitalise your Advisory firm.

Grant Programs

MyMalekso can design, manage, and deliver grants programs on a one-stop-shop basis that encompasses all the features and benefits of our powerful platform.

Empowering the digitalisation of the business Advisory space.


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You can choose one of our existing solutions for your next program or grant, or, MyMalekso can tailor programs to your specific needs.

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