About Us

MyMalekso is the leading business improvement platform used by businesses and Advisors.

Founded by seasoned business owners and business Advisors, MyMalekso aims to provide all businesses with the opportunity to access the best advice, at prices everyone can afford.

Smart, Simple, Effective, Affordable

Business owners: build a better business.
Advisors: Improve client engagements, build your advisory business.
Advisors include: Management Consultants, Marketing and Sales Consultants, HR Consultants, Business Coaches and Mentors, Leadership Coaches and Mentors, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Lawyers.

For the business owner

We exist to enable micro, small and medium businesses to gain access to tools, knowledge and guidance that was once the realm of the big end of town. We use automation and artificial intelligence combined with the best Advisory minds to deliver a unique product and service.

For the Advisor

MyMalekso helps manage client engagements, driving consistency and process, and enables Advisors to add new services to their offerings, helping them make more money.

Business advice – YOUR way!

Our vision:

To create affordable Advisory platforms for all businesses, regardless of their size, location and industry, and to provide a platform for Advisors and consultants that expands both their client and service base, in a unique marketplace where the buyer can become the seller and the seller can become the buyer.

Our mission:

To make MyMalekso the tool of choice that an Advisor turns to when they start their day, and the tool business owners turn to in order to achieve sustained growth.

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