Business Accelerator DIY Program bundle (Report + Program)

$400.00 for now and Free Trial for the first 2 weeks then $40.00 for each month

This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Business Acceleration program for the business owner who seeks to build a profitable, successful business but, with limited access to funds, would prefer to manage the process themselves.

Initial sign-up fee: $400 ex. GST
Monthly fee: $40 ex. GST

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This program has been developed by some of the most experienced business Advisors in the industry and includes your Business Accelerator DIY Report and access to the monthly DIY implementation program.


This DIY Program is designed to help the small business owner, with limited time and funds, gain access to business improvement solutions developed by seasoned business Advisors, for a fraction of the normal price. Once you have completed your Business Accelerator Report, you commence a monthly DIY Program to help you implement the recommendations in the report.


Using your smart workspace, you will guide yourself through the Business Accelerator process:


  • Setting and prioritising actions and tasks as identified in your Business Accelerator Report.
  • As a great accountability tool, check into your MyMalekso workspace at least twice a week to update tasks and actions and adding any new tasks and actions as they arise.
  • Recording important notes such as meeting notes with other Advisors (such as your accountant) and maintaining internal meeting notes and minutes.
  • Completing your monthly check-in questionnaire, a simple 5-10 minute exercise, which live updates your business scores and gives you visibility over your progress.


This process is heavily reliant on keeping yourself accountable. It has been proven to be highly effective in the real world, and has been developed by experienced leading business Advisors.


What’s included in this program?


  • Ongoing monthly check-in questionnaires
  • Summary report each month
  • Access to your smart workspace


IMPORTANT NOTE – there is no lock in period. Cancel your program at any time with NO penalties.