Advisor – Smart Workspace Client Seat Licence

$10.00 for each month

Use the MyMalekso platform to manage ALL of your client engagements.
Enter the number of seat licenses you require.

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Each allocated seat licence generates a dedicated smart workspace for your client. Both you and your client have visibility over this workspace, thus enabling seamless engagement. Use the MyMalekso platform to keep your client engagements on track, and your clients fully accountable and on track with tasks and actions.


The seat licence workspace features:

  • Videoconferencing: meet with your client in their own dedicated meeting room (they receive their own web address meeting room)
  • Task management: agree and set tasks, and use this function to hold clients and their teams accountable. Enjoy full visibility over activities, and the progress of set tasks.
  • Secure document storage and sharing: store and share documents. This is a two-way system, where you can share with your client, they can share with you. In addition, loaded documents are password secured as well as requiring the entry of your secure pin number to gain access.
  • Shared notes: easy communication, minutes and record keeping with your client. Anything created here will be shared with your client. Share meeting notes, call notes etc.
  • Private notes: keep track of your confidential client notes. Your private notes are secure from client viewing.


Bring all of your clients onto the MyMalekso platform at a low price, to experience the modern, digital way of managing client engagements.