Business Mentoring Program bundle (Report + Program) with Advisor

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Having the right Mentor by your side will make your business journey even more successful.

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This package includes your Business Mentoring Report and 12 months of immersive implementation with an experienced Business Advisor.


The MyMalekso Business Mentoring Program with Advisor is a 12 month program that assists you to move forward with the recommendations from your Business Mentoring Report. Your Mentor has business experience that can prevent you from making the mistakes many businesses make, at the same time, acting as a sounding board and providing new and different perspectives to guide you on complicated issues. 


Use the 1:1 sessions to ask questions, get advice, gain confidence and develop your management and leadership skills. Your Mentor will provide information and knowledge, and may see problems and opportunities that you don’t. More importantly, your mentor will provide discipline and boundaries to keep you focused on those actions that will grow your business.


What’s included in your Business Mentoring Program with Advisor?


  • Ongoing monthly check-in questionnaires which update your scores and track progress
  • Monthly 1:1 videoconference based sessions of up to 2 hours with your chosen Mentor to guide you through your journey and keep you on track
  • 12-Months access to our proprietary Smart Dashboard


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