Internal team meeting – 3rd May 2022

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Personal stress

Jane is facing significant personal stress. Don’t give her too much to focus on as she needs space to deal with her home situation.

Rod forgot meeting

Meeting forgotten by Rod – 21st April. Charge x 60minutes for pre-meeting preparation and waiting. Meeting rescheduled to 26th April at 7pm.

Garnet Radford

Mentoring Program review meeting to be completed next week. New program potential upcoming, focussing on Agriculture. Ag Breakfast on 7 October. Post program activity is increasingly important. Barrier for MyMalekso hasn’t changed since last program, Advisor take-up might still be low. Probity/purchasing is a hurdle, dependent on cost and program, may have to go back […]

SWQ EDO Meeting – Virtual

Garnet raised the Balonne MyMalekso presentation and it is expected that he has circulated the Balonne presentation to all Councils post meeting. I spoke with Sarah Holt post meeting and queried whether there was anything else needed from MyMalekso, to which she replied that Garnet was angling for a MyMalekso presentation to SWQ ROC meeting. […]

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