Inverell Council Program Enrolment

Inverell Shire Council is committed to the success of all local businesses in our Shire. With the challenges we have all faced in recent times, we felt it important to introduce a new business improvement initiative which all local businesses can access, at no cost to them.

As such, in partnership with the business improvement platform MyMalekso, and support from the NSW Government’s NSW Partnerships: Local Council Funding we are proud to roll out a do-it-yourself (DIY) business improvement program across the Shire. Using the technology built by MyMalekso, local business owners will be able to take part in a 12-month DIY business accelerator program built specifically for small to medium businesses.

This initiative is open to all businesses registered in the Inverell Shire, with the cost of the MyMalekso Business Accelerator DIY report and the MyMalekso DIY business accelerator program covered by the NSW Government’s NSW Partnerships: Local Council Funding.

Watch the welcome video below by

MyMalekso CEO, Peter Spinda.

We would like to thank the NSW Government for funding this program.

The MyMalekso platform is an artificial intelligence and algorithm driven tool which:
  • Provides business owners with detailed advisory reports containing business improvement tips and advice

  • Allows business owners to self-manage their own business improvement program using the smart functions built into the platform

What do you get as part of this program?

  1. Detailed business advice report: Upon completion of a deep dive questionnaire, which asks you lots of questions related to your business, you will receive an in-depth business advice report outlining relevant advice and recommendations you could take as part of your business improvement program.
  2. Business scores: The algorithms and logic in the MyMalekso system will analyse your responses and give your business an overall business score, along with 12 category scores across the business. These will be updated each month as you progress through the program.
  3. Monthly business improvement program: This consists of access to your MyMalekso dashboard, plus access to the monthly check-in questionnaire. Access to the program will be for 12-months for any business owner signing up before the 30th June 2022.
    1. MyMalekso dashboard: This is your command centre for the purpose of managing your in-house business improvement program. Features include task management, secure document repository and video conferencing facilities.
    2. Monthly check-in questionnaire: These are a short set of questions aimed at updating your category scores and tracking your business improvement progress.
  4. Tutorials and guidance: To support your business improvement program, we have created a series of short video guides. By the end of February, we will release a library of templates which you can utilise as required. The library will include documents such as business plan templates, position description templates and much more.

Ready to get started and make improvements to your business? Scroll down and take action!

Important note: Access to the DIY Business Accelerator monthly automated program will be open between the 1st February 2022 and 31st January 2023. Any approved business owner signing up to take part in the DIY Business Accelerator monthly automated program between 1st February 2022 and 30th June 2022 will receive a full 12 -month access to the program, with the start date for their access being the date they signed up to the program. Any approved business owner signing up to take part in the Business Accelerator monthly automated program between 1st July 2022 and 31st January 2023 will receive pro-rata access up until the 31st January 2023. Example: someone signs up on the 1st Nov 2022 will receive access until the 31st of January 2023.

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