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Roger Hawley

Job Title: Bookkeeping & CFO Services Partner

Business Name: Carbon Group


Specialisation: Business Development, Profit Maximisation, Business Efficiency, Risk Management, Value-add, Mergers & Acquisitions

Years Advisory Consulting Experience: 13+ years


Tell us about yourself:

Roger launched Hawley Accounting in 2009 and provided his clients with expert service on all their accounting and tax needs. With his skills in business planning, taxation, business development, strategic planning and accounting, Roger was able to help guide his clients through their business journey.

Roger joined Carbon in 2021 when his firm, Hawley Accounting, partnered with our Carbon Brisbane office. With his extensive advisory experience and skill set, Roger is part of our CFO Services team and can help you lift your business to the next level.

As a CFO Services Partner, Roger’s passion lies in building businesses and has gained vast knowledge in this area.

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