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Mark Lenthall

Job Title: Managing Director

Business Name: Predictable Success Australia


Specialisation: Sales Optimisation Specialist | Author | Sales Trainer | Coach | Developing High Performance Sales Teams and Individuals | Experienced Advisor

Years Advisory Consulting Experience: 12 years

My Qualifications:
Electrical Trades School
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Industrial Electronics.
General Manager of a National company for 8 years.
Extensive experience at a senior management level in several diverse industries.
Current consulting business for 12 years


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Tell us about yourself:

As a Sales Optimisation specialist and Sales trainer, I partner with organisations to develop and improve sales processes, systems and increase the skills, knowledge and capabilities of individuals and teams so they can confidently achieve increased sales targets resulting in improved cash flow, consistently growing profitability and sustainability.

I work with businesses to assess their process, develop solutions and support the implementation of improvements.

I don't just strategise; I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with my clients, dig into the details, and drive clients' priorities over the goal line.

Optimising sales outcomes with a focus on systems and sustainable success is at the cornerstone of what I do.

  • Increase sales teams’ skills, knowledge and capability.
  • Improve lead to sale conversion rate by as much as 50%
  • Confidence in forecasting revenue growth
  • Consistency in achieving increasing sales budgets
  • Increase Lead Generation sustainably and consistently
  • Improving sales processes and systems
  • Know why you are winning and losing deals! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PAST DEALS TO WIN FUTURE SALES!
  • Disqualify and Qualify better!
  • Shorten your sales cycle!
  • Execute with confidence!
  • Sales Trainer / Training
  • Business Coach / Business Coaching
  • Business Improvement / Growth Strategist
  • Advisory Services (accredited)
  • Process Improvement and Design

Mark’s ability to identify gaps in a business’s sales process and implement strategies and processes on improving results is second to none.

I have worked with Mark since 2004 and he drives accountability throughout the team by identifying what are the day to day “high pay off activities” that deliver revenue, and develops a set of KPI’s and sales processes and market strategy to take a company to the next level.

I have seen Mark take average performers and turn them into elite sale force and accountable sales managers delivering results previously not thought possible.

“In a single 2-year period Mark developed and authored comprehensive sales manual that resulted in the Queensland operation increasing their turnover from 12 million to 25 million per year, conversions rates doubled from an average of 30% to over 50% while increasing average sale value by 120%, and discount rates halved.” – National Sales Manager, Brisbane.

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