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Advisors – register for free! Register as an approved Advisor on MyMalekso and get access to the industry-leading platform helping Advisors generate more business, increase value, and improve their bottom line.

Are you a solo advisor or the owner of an advisory firm seeking to take advantage of what the MyMalekso platform will bring to your business and your clients?

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To get started with MyMalekso simply complete the application form below and once approved, you will receive access to your MyMalekso workspace in addition to receiving a free listing in our ‘Find an Advisor’ page.

How it works:

  • Registration is free for all Advisors
  • Only pay per use. These are our current fees:
    • Advisor report review product: $540 per report
    • Adding a client to any program: $145 per month
    • Seat licence per client per month: $10 per month
  • You charge your clients whatever you wish for the provision of any services that use the MyMalekso platform, invoicing your client directly. Most advisors build the above fees into their client invoice.
  • You can also offer hourly consulting to your clients using your own hourly rate (ex GST). The amount is credited to your bank account within 72 hours less the MyMalekso fee (currently 20%).
  • If you wish to bring clients into the platform to manage the engagement but not use any of the reports or programs, then you can purchase seat licences for $10 ex GST per month per client, with no lock-in contracts (pay per use).

Our goal is to help your business grow using MyMalekso as your go-to client engagement and service delivery platform. We are not an advisory firm. We are a platform business that provides innovative, industry-leading digital tools for  modern advisory firms.

Note: at MyMalekso we stand for quality. ALL advisors wishing to be included on the platform MUST be vetted and approved by the MyMalekso advisory board. This ensures business owners can trust the advisors available when turning to MyMalekso for assistance.

Simply complete and submit the application form below – we need all fields to be completed. Upon receiving we will vet your application, and if successful you will be granted access to use our platform and to list your profile on the platform. Please allow up to 48 hours for the review to be completed.

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